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We are a small, flexible production company that specializes in comedic content for television, film, and multi-digital platforms.


A one stop shop for channels looking to create consistent, funny content, we work with clients big and small to both create custom content for channel brands and produce from script. We bring high production value at affordable rates.


Our combined thirty years in the comedy industry gives us immediate access to both established comedy talent and the hottest up and comers. We bring great ideas and confident crews to your branded material.


The series

TV Time
(Formerly Whip Clip)

“Clipped Off”
Starring Buzzfeed’s Jennifer Levinson

“Troop Hood”
FOD Exclusive
Starring Chris Kattan

“Search History” Exclusive

Olive and Mocha

  • Idea Creation

    We work with your brand to conceive of content that is both funny and functional.

  • Script Writing

    Trained comedians and writers, we deliver pages on your deadline.

  • SAG Signatory

    15+ years of experience in the LA and Chicago comedy worlds allows us to cast from some of the best talent in the world.

  • Full production

    Our crews are talented, experienced and able to work on your budget.

  • Post Deliverables

    We curate teams of editors, sound mixers and colorists so your deliverables look amazing.


Bit Galaxy | Production Solutions
Los Angeles, California

chitownladym77 at gmail dot com


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